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C++ & Encapsulations Represents Binding
"Encapsulation" represents binding data and functions into one container. Container hides the details of the data and the way functions process data. In C++, Class is a container that

C Language Finding the Sum of G.P Series
C Language program is used to Find the Sum of the geometric progression series. Here G.P stands for geometric progression. Geometric progression, or GP, is a sequence where each

C++ Language List of Reserved Keywords
Any "Programming Language" has a "list" of keywords. C++ Keywords are list of reserved words for this Programming Language. Each keyword has a special meaning and it can not

C Language Finding the Sum of H.P Series
This C program is used to find the sum of the 'Harmonic Progression Series'. H.P stands for harmonic progression. Harmonic progression is a progression formed by taking reciprocals

C Codes Implement Recalibrate Command
Check whether the FDC is ready. Read status of main status register. Check whether FDC is ready. Input the command parameters. Enter command parameters. Check the status of...

Find the Odd Element given an Array with
Will hold XOR of two odd occurring elements. Xor will basically be xor of two odd occurring elements. Get one set rightmost bit in the xor2. Now divide elements in two sets. XOR

C Perform Matrix Multiplication Recursion
C program, 'using recursion', performs Matrix multiplication of 2 'matrices' and displays the result. We use 2 D array to represent a matrix & resulting matrix is stored in different matrix

Binary Counting Method Generate Subset
Algorithm takes the input of "n" data element and 'prints all possible combination'. Function to 'Print array element' according to the code in the 'Argument List'. For that, it generates n