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C Code Find area of an equilateral triangle
C program code input side of an equilateral triangle from user and find area of the given triangle. How to find area of an equilateral triangle in C. Area of an equilateral triangle

C Programming Comparing Three Integers
Compare three integer variables is one of the simplest c program you can write at ease. In this program, you can either take input from user using scanf() function or statically define

Find Maximum between 2 Numbers using
C Program input two numbers from user and find maximum between two numbers using switch case. Input two numbers. Store it in a variable say j1 & j2. Switch expression j1 > j2

Checking Singly Linked List is Palindrome
C Program checks whether the Singly Linked list is a palindrome. A Palindrome is a Pattern in List in which the contents when read from front is the same as when read from last. So

Program Code Implement Pigeonhole Sort
Code implement pigeonhole sort. Pigeonhole sorting, also known as count sort, is a sorting algorithm that is suitable for 'Sorting Lists' of elements where the Number of Elements (n)

Create strings, shuffle existing strings in C
C programming code randomize string STR. Sefinitely not cryptographic secure. Strip trailing newline. Pick a random char out of input string. Swap orig char with pick and...

UnOrdered Permutation Algorithm in C++
It initializes the value current level, permutes the remaining values to the 'higher levels'. As the Assigning Action of the values reaches to the "Highest Level", it prints the permutation

Program print Strong Numbers in a Range
Strong number is special number whose sum of Factorial of Digits is equal to the original number. For example: 145 is strong number. Since, 1! + 4! + 5! = 145 Logic to print Strong