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Newest 'java' Questions - Stack Overflow - Java is a general-purpose programming language designed to be used in conjunction with the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). "Java platform" is the name for a computing system that has installed tools for developing and running Java programs. Use this tag for questions referring to Java programming ...

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Program to Find the Biggest of 3 Numbers
This program takes the 3 numbers & finds the biggest among all. Take the three numbers as input and Check the First number if it Greater than other two. Repeat the step 2 for other 2

Program to calculate Average of array in C
This C program should give an insight of how to parse (read) array. We shall use a loop and Sum up all Values of the array. Then we shall divide the sum with the number of elements

Finds Factorial of a Number use Recursion
Program Find the Factorial of a number using 'recursion'. C Program prints the factorial of a number using recursion. 'Factorial' is product of all the number from 1 to the user specified

C program to Calculate 1+2+3+4+5+...+N
In The C, you can print any number series and I will show you how to 'print number series' in C Language with explanation. In case of print number series you need to focus on common

Sort Elements Using Quick Sort Algorithm
Two stacks to store two ends of the list in C. Entering elements in the array. Set top to stack. To print the sorted array. Enter the no of elements in the array. Enter the elements

C++ Check a Number is Palindrome or not
Palindrome number is a number that remains the same when its digits are reversed. 16461, for example: we take 121 and reverse it, after revers it is same as original. Get a value from

In C++ Graph Coloring on Bipartite Graph
The problem takes a bipartite graph as input and outputs colours of the each vertex after 'coloring the vertices'. The "Bipartite Graph" is a graph in which the set of vertices can be

Print Nth Node from the last of Linked list
C Language code to prints the Nth node from the Last Node of a Linked List. The approach used is to first point a pointer to a node which is N nodes ahead from the head. Then, move