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Code Print Prime Numbers in given Range
C program print all prime numbers between 1 to n. Input upper & lower limit to print prime. Find Prime numbers between 1 to n. Assume that the current number is Prime and check if

C++ Codes Prints One Dimensional Arrays
You have to ask to the user to enter array size array elements to store all the array elements in one dimensional and then print the array in "one dimension" using one for loop as shown

Dynamic Programming Algorithms in C++
c contains the number of columns for each of the n matrices. c[ 0 ] is the number of rows in matrix 1. Minimum number of multiplications is left in m[1][n]. Actual ordering is computed

C Display the Characters in Prime Position
Take a string as input and store it in the array str[]. "Store the Length" of the input string in the variable 'k'. Use "two Loops" to divide the numbers "upto the value" of k. Increment the

C Program Code Find Transpose of Matrix
In this c program, user is asked to entered the number of rows r and columns c. The value of r and c should be less than 10 in this program. The user is asked to enter elements of the...

Code calculate determinant of 3x3 Matrix
C program to read elements in a matrix and find determinant of the given matrix. Find determinant of a 2x2 matrix and 3x3 matrix. Logic to find determinant of a matrix in C.

If Else Check Given Integer is Odd or Even
The if...else statement executes some code if the test expression is true (nonzero) & some other code if the test expression is false (0). If test expression is true, codes inside the body

Implementing Disjoint Set Data Structure
This C++ program implements the "Disjoint" Set data structure. It is a data structure that keeps track of a set of elements partitioned into a number of disjoint ("nonoverlapping")