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Five free tools to aid in graphic design - TechRepublic - In conjunction with your favorite editor these tools will go a long way to help extend your capabilities and offerings.

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Latest Graphic design articles | Tags | Creative Bloq - In this section we aim to boost your graphic design skills, and inspire you in your next project. Whether you're looking for the best places to download free fonts, hot Photoshop plugins, brilliant Pinterest boards to follow, top tips for creating mood boards, a guide for design interview success, a list of great free fonts, top ways to improve your logo design, a review of Photoshop CS6, the best iPad apps for designers, or classic graphic design trends - it's all here!

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About Graphic Design - Graphic Design Tutorials and Tips - About Graphic Design provides tutorials and tips on graphic design techniques, career advice, and information on the legal side of design, color, fonts, typography, history, education, software and computers.

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Xara Photo & Graphic Designer - Xara Photo & Graphic Designer offers revolutionary photo handling and truly flexible illustration and design tools.

C++ Finding Transitive Closure of a Graph
Displaying the 'transitive closure matrix' of a graph. The reachability of a particular node 'i' towards all node pairs ('i','j') is known as the transitive closure of a graph. So this matrix is

We shall Determine & Print if the value is
This Code is very simple and a good example of using conditional statement (if-else) in an iteration (i.e. for loop). We shall initiate a for loop having some finite iterations and check

Compare two Binary Files and Printing the
C Compare two binary files, printing the first byte position where they differ. Compare two binary files character by character. Character by character comparision. If equal, continue

C++ Program Finds Transpose of a Matrix
First we have to clear about what is transpose of a matrix. Its to replace the number of rows with number of colums, vice versa to make a new matrix. So for example if a matrix 'A' has

C Language program Print Pascal Triangle
C program print pascal triangle up to n rows. Pascal triangle is a triangular number pattern named after famous mathematician Pascal. Where n is row number and k is term of that

C Codes Pointer to Pointer Double Pointer
In C, A "Pointer" holds the Address of another variable of same type. When a Pointer Holds the address of another pointer then such type of pointer is known as "pointer-to-pointer" or

Code to find Sum of Digits using recursion
Write a Recursive Function in C Language to calculate sum of digits of a number. Declare Recursive Function to find sum of digits of a number. First give a meaningful name to the

Check whether a number is Prime number
Prime numbers are positive integers greater than 1 that is only divisible by 1 and self. For example: 2, 3, 5, 7, 11 etc... C program input number and check whether the number is...