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C++ program for Complex Numbers using
Class for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division for 'complex numbers'. Class has 4 functions to perform arithmetic operations. It takes 2 "complex numbers" input from user

Reversing Letters in Each Word of a String
In C program, we are going to accept a string. Program will check for word inside string and if word founds then program will reverse that word. Similarly it'll Reverse out all the Words.

C++ Language Simple Quick Sort Program
"Quicksort" is an Efficient Sorting Algorithm, serving as systematic method for placing the elements of an array in order. 'Quicksort' can operate 'in-place' on an array, requiring small

Program to Display Alphabets using ASCII
Printing alphabets in C Programming, is little trick. If you are good at basic data types and literals then this is easy for you. Internally C represent every character using ASCII Code.

Print Perfect numbers between an interval
Declare function to print all Perfect Numbers in given range. First give meaningful name to the function. Say "printPerfect()" will print all perfect numbers in given range. Along with...

Perimeter of a Circle Rectangle & Triangle
This C Program calculates the perimeter of a circle, rectangle and triangle. This program is used to find the perimeter of circle, rectangle and triangle. Perimeter of rectangle: 2 *(x+y)

Compare Both the String n Chars strncmp
C programming String functions "strncmp". It compare both the string till n characters or in other words it 'compares' first n characters of both the strings. Print string1 and string2 are

C++ Implement Dijkstra's Algorithm using
This C++ program code displays the Djikstra's Algorithm of finding shortest paths from one node to others using the concept of a priority queue. A "Priority Queue" is an abstract data